Resellers Agreement

Part B



In this Agreement:

Agreement means this document comprising Part A and Part B and or any details
supplied on the Online Account.

Premises means the salon locations set out in this Agreement;

Approved Products means the product or products notified to the Salon Owner as
the Approved Products under this Agreement and it is acknowledged from time to
time, Salon Supplies Australia may delete add to or vary or replace items comprising
the Approved Products and prior to the execution of this Agreement the Salon Owner
was provided with a listing of the Approved Products;


  1. The Salon Owner agrees that it will only sell, market and display the
    Approved Products purchased from Salon Supplies Australia to
    customers in such quantities for reasonable private domestic use at the
    Premises and in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.
  2.  The Salon Owner must not market, display, offer for sale, sell
    and/or deliver the Approved Products outside the Premises,
    including over the internet.
  3. The Salon Owner agrees that it will only sell Approved Products
    intended for retail sale and that it will not sell Approved Products
    intended for professional use (such as litres and testers).
  4. The parties acknowledge and agree that the agreement by Salon
    Supplies Australia to supply the Salon Owner with Approved Products
    shall not constitute an exclusive appointment. Salon Supplies Australia
    may supply the Approved Products to other entities during the Term.